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Live the Gospel while you teach & build relationships

10 Facts:

1. We have been facilitating and serving leaders and teachers since 2000.

2. We have established relationships with schools and organizations in 7 countries in Europe and Africa which gives you options for service in terms of both location and grade-level.

3. Public schools in Hungary hire college graduates (bachelors degree in education or English required) to teach conversational English. Christian Schools overseas are always in need of teachers.

4. We are serious about mentoring and making disciples of followers of Jesus both as they prepare and go to serve, and while they are serving.

5. CEO is currently partnered teachers serving in 7 countries on two continents.

6. In particular, Hungarian schools provide a small salary (and sometimes housing) so CEO partners need to raise less financial support than many might expect. Fundraising training and mentoring is part of what we provide.

7. We are always ready to speak with followers of Jesus to begin preparation for service on the field by living the Gospel through education and serving people.

8. There are ways other than teaching that CEO can help you serve God in numerous countries.

9. We are particularly interested in people who have a vision from the Lord about serving. It is our honor to help people step out to follow Jesus in their calling.

10. MOST IMPORTANT: We invest deeply and long term in our partners. YOU (not your results) are our number one responsibility and investment as you seek to serve the Lord in His Kingdom abroad.

There are numerous posts available throughout CEO’s ministry network:

  • Elementary school teachers for Christian Schools in Budapest.
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers in Hungarian public schools. (These posts require a Bachelors Degree.)
  • Theological educators for numerous posts in Central Europe.
  • A librarian for a theological library in Croatia.
  • An English teacher/communications coordinator (for English correspondence) in a Bible school in Croatia.
  • Elementary and high school teachers in Palestine.
  • Teachers for a Christian boarding school in Germany.

If you have an interest in any of these educational opportunities, contact Tom Foley at

TO LEARN MORE and ask questions, email Tom at or find him on Facebook at

Let’s begin a conversation about serving abroad!!