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We are looking for followers of Jesus who have a personal vision to serve God that matches our organizational vision and mission. We are not a traditional missions agency which seeks to achieve their own strategy. Instead, we seek to live out Jesus’ order: “to make disciples of all nations.”

If you believe God is calling you to serve abroad, have read our Core Beliefs, and would like to discuss how to join us in partnership in the Gospel, contact us.

Not everyone is called to serve abroad, but if you are, many opportunities exist through CEO to extend God’s kingdom.  If you have a vision for ministry, we want to have a conversation with you about how we might help you serve God. CEO does not hire employees, CEO facilitates workers for the Kingdom who have a calling and are looking for an organization which will provide encouragement in both professional development and spiritual direction.

All ministry partnerships with CEO require fund raising. The amount you may need will depend on your location of service and personal needs, an individual ministry budget will be prepared by the partner in collaboration with the organization. Interested parties should be prepared to provide an official transcript which shows undergraduate, graduate, and professional work, as well as your resume (CV). In educator positions, most principals want trained English teachers, an English degree is not always necessary to qualify as a conversation instructor, but completion of a bachelors degree is usually required.


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