There are several ways to partner financially with CEO:

Write a Check

There are a couple of ways to send us a check via the postal service.

The first method is the good old fashion way of writing and mailing a check to:

Christian Educators Outreach
P.O. Box 6578
Charlottesville, VA

(Be sure to include a note stating who your gift is preferred for: either their account number or their name.)

The second way is to set CEO up in your bank’s “bill pay” service. This may be a free feature provided as a service by your bank. This method is growing in popularity among our donors. When you set us up in your bank’s “bill pay”, your bank will likely ask for our name (“Christian Educators Outreach” or “CEO” works equally well), our address (see above), and an account number. For the account number, you may use the name of the ministry partner you wish to give to or you may use the account number they provided you.  – – – Most banks allow you to make one time and recurring donations through this system.

We prefer that all donations that are mailed be sent to our P.O. Box. However, we understand that at times your financial institution may absolutely require a physical address. If that is the case, please send your gift to:
1001 Morningside Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Online Giving (one-time or recurring donations)

Click here to access our secure online giving portal.

Donations by Credit Card

Many like the convenience (and perks) of using their credit card. Please note that when you give using a credit or debit card the card issuer charges us a 4% fee that is passed along to the partner thus reducing the net donation by 4%.

EFT donations

You may also use our online giving platform (the big green button) to set up an EFT. Please note that using our online platform to set up your EFT gift incurs a 2% fee per gift. This fee is passed along to the partner thus reducing the net donation by 2%.


We want you to know that the review of our record keeping by our CPA firm (the firm of Hanztmon Weibel) revealed that 93.5% of donations went directly to ministry, leaving only 6.5%  to cover administrative costs in the Fiscal Year 2022. That means that $9.35 of every $10 we received went directly to ministry!! We thank God for your partnership in the gospel. As an added measure, so that you may give with confidence to CEO, we are an EFCA accredited organization.  We also have a perfect score in regards to “Accountability and Finance” on Charity Navigator.


You may have access to other Electronic Funds Transfer donation platforms through your work or bank. These are also welcome. More and more organizations and individuals are using this resource. Contact us for our banking information to set up a direct transfer of donated funds from your bank to ours. It’s secure and fast.


Many socially conscious companies are now allowing employees to give via a tax deduction. CEO receives many gifts through these types of giving platforms. Contact us or your employer to see if we are set up to receive these types of gifts, if not, we will process the necessary paperwork to facilitate this method of giving. 


Today, many employers have matching gift funds. These funds allow an employee to give to a 501(c)3 organization like CEO and also to direct a certain percentage of matching gifts as well. We will help you get this process going. Contact us for help. 


CEO is qualified to receive gifts from many donor advised funds (such as Fidelity, Schwab, Benevity, etc.). If your donor advised fund administrator needs information to set CEO up as a recipient of your gifts through your donor advised fund, please contact us. 


If you would like to make a gift to CEO of appreciated stock, we have a system in place to make that possible. 

Institution Name: Morgan Stanley
Account Name: Christian Educators Outreach
Account Number: 642-172156-307
DTC Number: 0015
Tax ID: 54-1985995

Morgan Stanley Contact: Leland Penno
Phone Number: 202-862-9101

The Fine Print
CEO is a tax exempt non profit organization under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code; it is qualified to receive tax deductible donations. Contributions are solicited and received with the understanding that Christian Educators Outreach has complete control over the use of donated funds. In keeping with guidelines provided by the IRS for tax deductability of your donation, we will make every effort to use donated funds according to the preference of our donors, while maintaining control of donated funds for our mission. To indicate your preference simply write “preference for ________” on the memo line if you are writing a check, or use the drop-down menu in EasyTithe.  CEO charges a 10% administrative fee for all partner-preferenced gifts. A financial statement is available from the Virginia Division of Consumer Protection, Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs, P.O. Box 1163, Richmond, VA, 23218

Please remember that to count as a charitable donation for the tax year, the postmark must be on or before December 31 on your end-of-year gift by check or completed online by 11:59 pm on December 31, per the IRS. (The date on the check is not the deciding factor, the POSTMARK is.)

Thank You!


EOY donation reports are available for the asking! Just email and your year-end summary will be sent to you by email.